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If you are planning a trip to Tinogasta and need to find some cheap accommodation, look no further than Santé Hostel! This hostel is a family-style home where you can rest pacefully after a long day. There are 8 rooms equipped with air conditioning, central heating, cable TV, WI-FI and private bathroom. You have access to common spaces for recreation such as a BBQ area (equipped with tables and chairs for events, meals and celebrations) and a dining-kitchen with electric ovens, refrigerators, gas stove and oven, microwave and a complete set of pots, silverware and plates necessary for cooking.



Simple Room                                    $UD  28

Double Room                                       $UD  35

Triple Room                                           $UD 45

Adventure 4x4


Off Road Trucks

We count with 4x4 super truck Toyota fully equipped for off road. Modern vehicles with less than a year old guarantee you confidence to explore any type of land, in addition to the incomparable experience of our guides. It makes a perfect combo for you to enjoy a moment with nature. The trucks count on double suspension for a comfortable ride, radio transmitter, oxygen tube, emergency spot system, protection engine bumper, 17'' tires with tires according with every land to about to explore and, of course, every single element of security for the passengers to feel safe every moment. 


•Our guides are prepared in firsts aids due to their charges of chief in the Fire Department volunteers. 

• The Trucks have satelital truck system where the vehicle is constantly tracked, checking every place the truck travels in real time, info that you can check on the Internet.